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This community was created on June 16, 2011, to raise funds to assist [info]super_robyn 's upcoming trip to New York City. For those of you who don't know her, [info]super_robyn just turned 23, and has been battling osteosarcoma since she was diagnosed in 2007. She has been receiving chemotherapy for four years, as well as experimental cancer trials, and has had limb-salvage surgery on her left shoulder. The cancer spread to both lungs. After multiple surgeries over the years to remove the cancerous spots, her doctors decided the best option was to remove her right lung entirely, which was done in December of this 2010.

Five months later, doctors discovered that the cancer has now spread to her remaining lung. Her oncologist informed her that they are nearing the end of treatment options, and that the goal now is to keep her as pain-free for as long as possible.

One of the things that Robyn has always wanted to do is to go to New York City, and she and her sister are planning a trip at the end of July. The goal of this community is to help pay for that trip, much like the Make a Wish Foundation (which Robyn doesn't qualify for since she is over 18), but similar to the methods of [info]help_japan and [info]helpthesouth auctions.

Your mods are: [info]xtremeroswellia , [info]vval , [info]speedstergrl5 and [info]muses_circle .

Feel free to introduce yourselves here if you know Robyn, or just want to leave her some encouragement! :)

If you have questions about the community in general, please ask them here.

Birthday Tales


I love coming in to see all the pretties, I know I've been falling behind (yet again) on my replies but yeah...I linger around! I still live! Health? Good, not at its best but we have to have our up and downs right? Life? Could be better but I'm a live so that says much. Well in general I came to show you guys how my birthday went, I did quite enjoy myself drinking, getting drunk and laughing @night with different people.

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Hello F-List!

I'm just here to wish you all a WONDERFUL and MERRY Christmas, hope you all enjoyed it and have a blast. Personally I will be at home, sick to the point of wanting to rest all the time but all the same I'm going to be seeing my family later through video chat and I look forward to that and I look forward to the Christmas food of course!

I also wish you all a wonderful New Year's and let me just leave you all with some treats. These are my fave shipping videos, maybe you've seen them, maybe not but these are 5 star vids!


And this is a recent find, i LOVED the song and I would LOVE to see a fic to it, no?! LOL. I have too many Chlark vids to post 'em all here honestly BUT since I'm posting two for each, this is another fave:

I can not embed but alas this would be the link.


CHLEAN! I just love this vid, I mean Dean as a father and Chlean? JUST WOW!

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I most likely won't post tomorrow so I shall post this today and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! To all of you guys who celebrate it!

As I mentioned in an older post, I've been trying to catch up with shows. Supernatural is basically the only one I haven't fully watched yet and right now I'm still on a "One Tree Hill" road. I still love it and it actually doesn't seem too weird without Peyton and Lucas (I am currently in season 7 episode 14) although Mark whatever his last name is evil! I kinda suspected he may make Brooke sterile but DUDE I didn't expect him to actually go THROUGH WITH IT! It was cruel and it broke my heart but I love to see Sophia Bush's acting and Naley is just the best couple on TV EVER, so I'm still hooked. Although I miss the whole song intro...they never do it anymore =(

DUDE I just heard that on Gossip Girl Dan and Blair are gonna hook up? SERIOUSLY? I'm so glad I'm ok with that ship and I'm kinda waiting to see how they make that work. It's a little exciting...though I'm still a die-hard Chlair shipper. Man I just love them, i really do. Seeing Chuck soften up to Blair is just heaven to me.

I like what Robyn wrote on one of her posts. Try not to get too hooked on a ship because sometimes the entire show will suck for you once you do. I'm trying to stay open, I'm a die-hard Brucas fan but Leyton was okay for me and well the show is still awesome. I'm addicted to Gossip Girl, sadly. I never expected me to like it. And well, so long as I still like a show, that's wat matters.

We all have to make a come back somehow right?

My deep honest thoughts on Harry Potter 7 part 1:before I forget! xD

Well I have to say for this movie I APPROVE! I mean there are parts I'm like "wtf david yates!" BUT overall I enjoyed it and that's wat matters,& So as not to be spoiled LONG thoughts under cut. My personal rating is 3.8 out of 5.


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So that is why I give it a 3.8 out of 5.

P.S. Any Gossip Girl fans out there that are Chuck/Blair fans? HAVE YOU SEEN THE MOST RECENT EPISODE? The fangirl in me was like OMMGGGG AWWWW.

IDK how long it's been...


I'm still lurking around, I read almost all posts, I try to stay up-to-date althou the thing I scarcely do now would actually be commenting. It was once a Chlark fever and it is now Chlollie fever.Some seem happy with this and as a fellow Chlollie shipper myself I have to say I enjoy having so many fics to read and watching all the amazing vids out there,although there are discontent fans out there also because the show just plainly sucks and didn't really mash them together in the way some wanted.Personally,I think April's (apeygirl ) fic is something to look forward to since 1)she is one of my favorite writers and 2)she always has a way of placing things together and making it just right! Well although Smallville sucks major ass I'm still a Chlark shipper, I will always look for Chlois fics (as rare as they are now) but I'm starting to warm up to Erica Durance (as an actress not as Lois). My Halloween was fun, went to a get together with some friends and quite enjoyed myself. I'm still trying to party whenever I can and just plain enjoy certain things,although in personal life things are rocky I try not to dwell on them so much as to not get too depressed. Health was steeping down but seems to be getting better again, I'm on the lookout of symptoms coming back but it's all looking well and that makes me ever so grateful...for now.

So any Harry Potter fans out there? I am SOOOO excited because I get to go tonight to watch it, I'm STOKED!! I hated the sixth movie to be completely honest, I think the only parts I loved were the Weasley twins (but of course) and Tom Felton. The director is so fucking stuck on making Harry and Hermione a couple that as a die-hard Ron/Hermione fan it just boils my blood, I actually read an interview he did where he said he cut out parts of the book to add his fucking scenes,one of which is a H/H scene, and I vowed that if I ever meet him: I'm gonna punch him in the face. 'Nuff said.

Just to share a little of what I do here, I will share some pics and well, isn't it kind of sad how little Chlean or Chlex fics there are out there? I've recently become obsessed with reading Chlean and I can't seem to find enough fics with them. This is another "calling all F-List" to bombard me with comments,links,fics, ALL OF IT! =)

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OOHH P.S. I'm sooo addicted to Merlin! I LOVE IT! Bradley and Colin are LOOVEEE, I search them up on Youtube ALL THE TIME! Every1 seen the "You're the voice" vid? LOVE IT!! And all of you seen Merlin S3.10, OMG!!! It is dramatic,romantic and hilarious-seriously THIS is a show!

It's time for a post...

SO what's new guys?

I see a lot less Chlark, A WHOLE lot more Chlollie but I mean of course the show pimped them out, how's life treating all of you? On my end things are pretty much more or less the same. Still working, more tired sometimes, making money but now I'm also trying to go out more often. Partying, traveling(just started) and trying to have lots of fun while I can. We only live once right? So this post was mostly to just post pics of the most recent trip I took which was AMAZING.

This place called Teotihuacan here in Mexico which translates to "birthplace of the gods" according to google xD We all climbed all (mostly) the pyramids but deff. climbed the Sun and Moon one, Ahh yeah well, pics pics pics!

The Sun Pyramid

Behind us it's the Moon Pyramid


HAHAHAHA, Yeah so not. HMM, Hi guys. How are you all? Angry that I'm so absent and barely here? *sigh* Yeah, IDN when that happened...I've missed a lot of birthdays and honestly HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY to all of those I missed. Nancy among them...I do come on LJ, I just rarely post honestly. RL is pretty good right now. Work is going smooth, the health is not even an issue anymore, the only thing is I've put on loads of weight. I'm workng on something to lower that...excercise is the word. HAHA.Net life is a little dead, I'm trying to catch up on series, I'm currently catching up with SPN, I'm watching Merlin and also watching TB. So let's see how that goes...BUT just coming here to let you all know I still live :)


1. Respond with something random about you.
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5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you.
6. Tell you my favorite thing about you.
7. Tell you my least favorite thing about you.
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Alive and Breathing.

GUYS! How long has it been? I sure don't has been good to me. Lots of family stuff has sorta happened lately that made me away from my computer...had to be with the family and such. Sometimes it's also the fact that my Uncle doesn't leave his modem on so I get home to just reading...and no internet. Then in the morning I have to get ready for work so I don't have much time to really come yeah. BUT that really is no excuse. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY to all of the buddies I've missed, and Happy early birthday to rjchasez!!

So everyone, tell me how are things with you all? Mostly I skim through here, post when I can, and deff. try to check out all the vids I've been seeing. I see all the Chlollie hype, the fact that the Chlark is sorta dying out (which makes me sad but I blame the writers) and the increase of Clois. It makes my heart hurt honestly, and how sad is that to get so emotional over a fictional show? But anywho... Monica I hope you're doing well! I read about ur allergies, so i really hope you're good. Robyn, best of wishes to you girl! I can't imagine what you're going through...BabyDee, well aren't you going all out on ur fics? It's amazing how many posts I see by you now. It puts a huge smile on my face. And Gen, where have you gone to? Dawn, also sorta has dissappeared...Corina you are so cool! You're the friend I think who has the mosts posts when I'm always reading things. But I love how active you are! *g*

So, a request guys. BOMBARD ME!! Fics. Chlex-Chlark-Chlollie-Chlean, all of it PLEASE! I wanna read. I wanna come on and copy and paste them to my word so when I get home from work I will just sit here and read even thou i don't have internet. TACKLE ME WITH ALL OF IT!! Friends, non friends, anyone and EVERYONE please read my request,I don't care if I've read it, please! I'm honestly craving lots of Chlex and Chlean...but I want it all. CHLARK CHLEX CHLOLLIE AND CHLEAN, ALL OF IT!